The Bored N Baked Club

Bored N Baked; the high estate.

A puff of bliss from every user's lips was a risk. They were perceived as a threat to society in some countries. Banned, they resorted to countermeasures. A clubhouse was created - one that hid in plain sight and still served its purpose. The secret club contained the elite, and they had a badge of honor that marked each of them as a member. Their style was a show of their open support of cannabis - the very thing that brought them together. Rumors spread of a new fun club where one could not only get high devoid of judgment but also lay back with friends. However, as much as people searched, no one could find a way in. Only the society's name was known.


Now, these 7,777 characters have opened their doors to the public. Any person from any location and profession can join. The benefits are immense, although the opportunity to have a safe space that you can call your own is their priority. If you are reading this, you've been invited. Will you ignore it and miss out on the best experience of your life, or click the damn thing?

Our Collection

MOONGRASS is a collection of 7777 unique hand-drawn PFPs here to give our community great utility and benefits.

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** PC with Metamask extension or Metamask browser from mobile app **
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We want to build this project around community, so all future plans will be voted on and decided by our club members.

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20% Sold

Unlock the collaboration room.
Launch merchandise shop.
Hold a milestone giveaway.

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40% Sold

Plan for the second NFT release.
Merchandise drops.
Hold a milestone giveaway.

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60% Sold

Launch the second NFT release.
Unlock the grow room.
Hold a milestone giveaway.

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80% Sold

Start the 3rd release artwork and game development.
Vote on the best ideas for moving forward and creating ongoing utility.
Hold a milestone giveaway.

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100% Sold

Launch the 3rd NFT release and the Bored N Baked game.
Institute the plan for moving forward.
Hold milestone giveaway.

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Lets Celebrate

To celebrate the success of the project, we will hold our first community event.
We will vote on the best venue as well as a location that works well for everyone, the entertainment, guest speakers, vendors, and everything else.

Our Team

Interested in working with us? Send us an email at

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Discord Moderator

F.A.Q Questions

This is a community-driven project where all holders have a say in the direction moving forward. In addition, 50% of profits from all future NFT releases will be evenly distributed among holders of the MOONGRASS and upcoming all-female collections.
Not only is your MOONGRASS character an awesome PFP but it doubles as your membership to the Bored N Baked Club, where you'll get exclusive access to giveaways, IRL popup events, merchandise drops, first dibs on future releases, plus you'll gain access to the collaboration room where you can share your ideas, vote on all future plans, and much more.
To purchase an NFT from our collection you will need to download and use the metamask wallet found at After you have installed and funded your wallet, you can simply click on the connect wallet button from the navigation menu up top, scroll to the mint section of our website, choose the number of NFTs you'd like to mint from our collection, and click the mint now button. Note: mobile users must use the Metamask browser in the app to connect and mint.
We have ambitious goals for this project, so have chosen a mint price of 0.2 ETH per NFT. Anyone that mints multiple NFTs from the MOONGRASS collection will gain access to the grow room where you can claim a free NFT from the second release approximately 90 days from our 20% milestone.
This error means you do not have enough ethereum in your wallet to mint an nft and will reflect the proper gas amount once you have correctly funded your wallet.
After the first 2,000 NFTs are minted we will hold a random draw to giveaway 5 ETH and hold another draw for every 1,444 minted thereafter. In addition to these preselected milestone giveaways, we will have various contests where holders can win ETH for participation. All winners will be selected at random directly from our smart contract.
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